Payroll Service Programs

RSSI has an unmatched proprietary Payroll service system. This gives us the opportunity to run a variety of flexible transition programs and payroll service programs for a cost benefit to our clients.

Our in house Threshold Reduction Program (TRP) has been praised for being one of the most innovative and cost effective programs in the industry. Our software, in combination with our proven hands on employee management, on boarding, and transition process leaves clients satisfied again and again.

Whether using our straight line payroll service model, our proprietary TRP model, or a custom build solution, we are always judged and successful based on two distinct factors:

Employee friendly, hands on, smooth transition
Cost Savings

The most important part of any payroll program is employee satisfaction, and continuous production. Through our proven on boarding and transition model, we ensure total employee satisfaction, with minimal disruption to daily activity.
Bottom line savings, which translates to profits for our clients, is always the end result proving the success of our program.