Management Team


Monte Block

Monte is proud to be the CEO of Rotator Staffing Services Inc. since 1995. He graduated Brooklyn College ’76 (B.A.) and has an M.B.A. in Marketing Management from Pace University ’82, where he was only the third person ever to write a thesis on the Contract Staffing industry. With his educational background, he is poised to continue to lead Rotator to a successful growth minded future.

In addition, Monte is second generation in the Staffing world, with over 35 years of experience in the contract services industry, in which he has successfully marketed, serviced and administered both staff augmentation and vendor partner relationships with many clients. It is Monte’s vision that has made Rotator the dynamic and flexible human capital solution that it is today. Always available if needed, Monte takes a hands-on role within the company at all levels. Under his leadership, the company has flourished, and continues to see year over year growth.


Marilyn Heiberger

Ms. Heiberger has been the CFO of Medical Staffing since 1999. It is under her leadership, in conjunction with the management’s vision, that Medical Staffing proudly and consistently has a sound financial foundation. Prior to Medical Staffing, her experiences include auditing for Price Waterhouse’s Metropolitan Services Group, New York, NY, and Coopers and Lybrand audit department in Princeton, NJ. Ms. Heiberger is a graduate of Brooklyn College, Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting.

Alexander Raue

Alexander joined Medical Staffing in 1999 as the Chief Information Officer (CIO). As a dynamic and flexible company, we realize how much of that requires us to access and utilize the latest technologies. We depend on Alexander to make sure our support network operates as smoothly and efficiently as the rest of the team. In his role, he oversees accounting and computer operations, including receivables and payroll systems. In this capacity, he was instrumental in working with the management team to create one of the most technologically advanced competitive payroll service options in the industry. He has over 19 years of experience handling payroll in a multi-state environment, including tax filings. Under his guidance, Medical continues to stay at the forefront of technology.


Fran Semiao

Fran Semiao is our Chief People Officer (CPO). It is in this strategic position that she ensures that the team functions synergistically and is responsive to all client and candidate needs. For the past fifteen years, she has functioned in this capacity, complementing the CEO in the day-to-day operations of the organization and as an integral part of the management team. She is the go to person for client inquiries, employee issues, and contractual situations. She heads a large support staff, whose mission it is to build the personal factor that we hold as such a vital characteristic to our company. With assistance from her team, she routinely creates solutions from issues and resolutions from challenges.


Shannon Block

Shannon Block holds an M.B.A. and B.A. from Quinnipiac University and brings close to ten years of business experience to her role as head of the management and marketing teams for the Staffing Services Family. She has developed a solid management technique, to complement her marketing expertise to constantly position Staffing Services as a value added partner. Her business success has ranged from staffing support and payroll services at major hospitals, to the entire management of healthcare facilities. Shannon sits on numerous healthcare committees, discussion panels, and brainstorming committees in an effort to expand the critical concepts of compliance, credentialing, validation and verification. Shannon was recently appointed Vice Chairman of ASA’s Healthcare Policy Section. Shannon is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP).


Holly McDonald

Holly McDonald, Senior Vice President of Medical Staffing Services, is a licensed LPN with experience in staffing, managing and controlling various projects. Ms. McDonald has over ten (10) years of technical recruiting experience, specializing in Health Services. She is a member of the technical support team with a focus on operational and development areas. Under her direction, the entire Medical Staffing Team functions seamlessly and efficiently. Holly is consistently validating internal processes and ensuring the organization maintains the Joint Commission certification, which is so highly sought after. Holly’s knowledge, expertise, and guidance provides valuable insight into all facets of business.


Bradley Block

Bradley Block is currently the Vice President of Business Development, and a Project Manager for various assignments throughout the New York area. He is responsible for sales and marketing of a broad base of clientele, is the single point of contact and handles all customer relations. Mr. Block has been with the firm for over eight years, and has rapidly increased the New York client base, while sharing the beliefs and traditions that make him stand ahead of all the rest. As a graduate from the University of Maryland with B.S. in Marketing, and as a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP), Bradley brings a level of knowledge and professionalism to the organization that has become a true value add for our client base.


Jourdan Block

As a key member of the executive management team, Jourdan is integrally involved in all facets of the organization, encompassing business development, business operations, project management, and client interfacing. As a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Finance and Labor Studies & Employment Relations, he is a goal oriented leader, whose management style, business approach, and unique experiences enable him to offer a wide variety of insightful solutions to any situation. Jourdan is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) and a Technical Services Certified (TSC) professional through the American Staffing Association.