American Jobs Filled With Heros

Rotator Staffing works with our extensive client base to help acclimate returning veterans back into the workforce. This untapped labor population is coming home from abroad, are very talented individuals, and really have a drive to be successful. Couple the plethora of manufacturing openings with the dedication of these soldiers, and you have a perfect recruiting match.

“Veterans Help Manufacturers Plug Skills Gap”

According to a joint study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute,
manufacturing companies have roughly 600,000 vacancies they are struggling to
fill. It illustrates a growing skills mismatch, with not enough of the 13.1
million unemployed Americans equipped for the available jobs.

More than one million service members are projected to
leave the military by 2016. The Obama administration and Congress have pushed
forward an array of measures, including tax credits for companies employing
veterans of the two wars.

Rotator is filling many of these vacancies with returning veterans and is embracing the socially responsible, yet well matched trend. To read more, please click here


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